Getting ready for work under and on the ice!

The NUI team has been busy today, starting to get NUI ready for the cruise, both in the hangar where NUI will be based and in the control room. It is from the control room that NUI will be piloted. It is also from this room that we “dive” with NUI to the Arctic abyss and explore the Aurora hydrothermal vents. We cannot wait to see what kind of vents and animals await us there!


In the meantime, another group was in a course organised by UNIS, learning how to be a polar-bear guard for the work that we will do from the ice and also about safety and rescue when working on sea ice. We all ended up in the (cold!) waters of Longyearbyen harbour, where we learnt how to swim on a survival suit, alone and in a group, how to get back on the ice and how to help others to get back on the ice. It was a good and fun course!

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