“Can you tell me how you think the world will look like in 50-70 years’ time?”

28 September – 82° 41’N, 7° 02’W

By Giuliana Panieri

During the HACON cruise, in addition to my scientific task which is to investigate foraminifera and their intimate relationship with microbes living at Aurora, I have been given a task from my daughter Carolina: to interview my colleagues and the crew on topics related to climate change and sustainability.

While we are trying to reach Aurora, moving slowly through sea ice which sometimes piles up in front of us in few meters high ridges, between scientific meetings and sampling planning, I am spending some time performing these interviews, where people had to answer those questions:

  1. Can you tell me how you think the world will look like in 50-70 years’ time? please explain your answer and provide scientific knowledge that proves your point of view.
  2. What do you think are the top 3 biggest problems our society will have to face in the future upcoming years?
  3. What are your “professional” suggestions for a more sustainable future?
  4. What is your biggest personal threat that you are concerned about climate change?
  5. Do you think there is a solution to this massive problem? Explain your answer.
  6. Please name 4 factors that are most important for planet survival.

Carolina (15), in her last year at the International School TRINT in Tromsø (NO), is writing a book for her personal project to be presented in March 2020 to the school committee. One chapter of the book will expand on the topics of the questions.


Being “journalist” for my daughter is an interesting experience: I now see my colleagues in another way, as we never get the chance to talk hart to hart about these topics. Besides, those questions have started very deep discussion on planet earth, human survivals, education and the meaning of our research up here. So far, all the colleagues I interviewed believe that science and education is the key.



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