What happens after work?

8 October – 82° 53’N, 06° 15’W

Life on board is mostly about doing science, but a month on board cannot be just work. Both scientists and crew members need to rest and enjoy their free time. One of the highlights every day on board RV Kronprins Haakon, are the 3 delicious meals served 3 times per day by the great galley team of Kenneth, Anne Kristine, Monica and Åse. And it does not end there: there is cake time (every day!) at 3, which is difficult to avoid when the sweet smells of freshly baked cake or waffles expand around the vessel. In addition to the gorgeous meals, there is a bit of everything for everyone in terms of entertainment.

The great people that take such good care of us on board: Åse, Anne Kristine and Monica and Kenneth (with Eva), and an example of one of the delightful lunches.

Until now, we had a fun pub quiz, some movie nights and the twister competition organized by Anne Kristine where everyone gets together in the lounge demonstrate their flexibility and strength. Board games are also popular, but there is also time for reading or knitting quietly in the library looking out to the beautiful sunset over the arctic ice.

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Some people like going to the gym alone, others prefer to enjoy the “outdoors” group activities, which include two sets of 7 min workout in the helicopter hanger (a.k.a. “Choppers gym”) with 3 sets five-lap runs around the helicopter deck – a freezing but fun experience. And a ping pong tournament is being organized by the ping pong queen Ana. And if someone needs some relaxation after a stressful day or long hours of working with mud on deck or the cold room, there is always a message chair, a sauna and a jacuzzi, that are also popular.

Two 7 min workouts and three times 5-lap runs on the heli-deck. Refreshing!

Personally, one of the most fun things I have done some far was going for a walk on ice, and hopefully we can do this again before we leave the ice 🙂

Walking on sea ice.

Written by Sofia Ramalho, Uni. Aveiro.







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