Educational projects

Billingstad school (Norway) 

The children from 3rd grade from Billingstad Skole have been looking at the HACON website and hearing about the project from Ine (9 years old).


The children wrote their names in a cup that will be taken down to 4000 m in the Arctic ocean with an ROV during the HACON cruise. The pressure at these depths is very high. For every 10 m of water depth, the pressure increases of 1 atmosphere. So at 4000 m, the pressure is 400 atmospheres. The air of the polystyrene cup will be pushed out by such high pressures, and the cup will come back much smaller!

The class was also captivated by the Dumbo Octopus and made beautiful drawings of that incredible animal!



We look forward to sharing more wonders from the deep Arctic with you when we go on our research cruise to explore the Aurora underwater volcanoes (hydrothermal vents) in September.