Jan 2019: First Cruise Planning meeting

The HACON cruise planning is well underway! During 2.5 days, the HACON science team met with the engineers of the ROV Ægir, the hybrid ROV/AUV NUI, the towed system OFOBS and key personnel from the Kronprins Haakon icebreaker to start planning the cruise.

The HACON cruise will take place from mid-September to mid-October 2019 on board the Norwegian icebreaker Kronprins Haakon. We will sail from Svalbard to the Gakkel Ridge and study the Aurora seamount and hydrothermal vent field at 82.5 °N. There, we expect to find sea ice conditions with ice floes drifting over the study area.

The team discussed the challenges and possibilities of operating high-technological vehicles on a complex topography at 4000 m depth under ice. First plans for sample needs and sharing amongst partners, equipment to be used, operations logistics and work on board were made, and these will be refined in the next months to ensure a successful cruise.


The HACON cruise team. From bottom right: Eva Ramirez-Llodra (NIVA, project lead); Stefan Buenz (UiT, cruise lead); Pierre Antoine Dessandier (UiT); Stig Vagenes (UiB, Ægir); Håkon Dhale (UiB); Dimitri Kalenitchenko (UiT); Andy Bowen (WHOI, NUI); Giuliana Panieri (UiT); Benedicte Ferre (UiT); Mette Svenning (UiT); Tina Kutti (IMR); Lissie Victorero (MHN/NIVA/UAVR); Mari Eilersten (UiB); Chris German (WHOI); Hans Tore Rapp (UiB); Eoghan Reeves (UiB); Mike Jakkuba (WHOI, NUI); Autun Purser (AWI).

Missing from the photo: Ida Steen (UiB); Ana Hilario (UAVR); Kevin Hand (NASA-JPL); Jan Bremnes (IMR, Kronprins Haakon); Leif C. Mørk (HI, Kronprins Haakon).


November 2018: HACON begins!

This exciting multidisciplinary and international project started on 1st November 2018.

HACON has secured shiptime on board the Norwegian icebreaker Kronprins Hakon for a cruise to the 4000 m deep Aurora vent site under the ice-covered waters of the Arctic at 82 N, NE of Greenland. The cruise will take place in Sept-Oct 2019.

We are currently organising the HACON kick-off and cruise planning meeting in January 2019 at NIVA, Oslo.

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Ice963_IceHole copy
Over the Aurora vent field during the Polarsten cruise in 2014. Image: courtesy of Chris German, copyright WHOI.